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Tayid Lighthouse – Erected in 2000, this colonial-looking beacon offers a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, as well as other parts of Batan Island and its rugged mountain cliffs facing the West Philippine Sea.

Chawa View Deck – A perfect spot to enjoy Batanes sunset facing the West Philippine Sea where one can descend more than a hundred steps down the adjacent cliff to fish, take pictures, or frolic in the waters.

Tukun – Location of the country's northernmost PAGASA station, reason why Batanes is frequently associated with typhoons because Basco station is usually used as a reference point.  It has a spectacular view of Mount Iraya and Basco town, with a commanding view of Batan hedgerows.  One can view 360o of Batan island.

Honesty Coffee Shop – An unmanned refreshment store which has become famous worldwide for showcasing Ivatan’s honesty. There is no standby seller, the owners rely on the honesty of its customers when paying for goods taken from the store.

Disvayangan Beach Front – A row of private picnic houses with basic facilities, it is the best beachfront spot in this part of the town.  The place is adjacent to a government-operated recreation building featuring two bowling lanes and a billiards room.

Maydangeb Beach – A cove with multi-colored rocks and white/cream colored sand, which is ideal for picnics, beach combing and beach sports. It is located along the national highway about 9 kilometers from Basco and is being maintained by both Mahatao and Ivana Local Government Units (LGU’s).





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