Itbayat: The Potential Alternate

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The municipality of Itbayat is the largest of the three inhabited islands that compose the province of Batanes.  It is also the northernmost town of the country, located only over 200 kilometers from the southernmost tip of Taiwan.  Is is endowed with vast pieces of land: rolling hills and stretches of plains ideal for ranching.  It is rich with palm trees (voyavoy) indigenous materials ideal for the Ivatan headgear for women (vakul) and souvenir items.  Pandan, another indigenous material good for handicraft items, are also abound here.

The municipality, if properly developed in terms of agricultural production in rice, is projected to be able to supply 30% of rice requirement of the capital town alone. Garlic produce from here (in tons) are considered Itbayat crash crops aside from cattle.  Fruits like pineapple and coconut abound, and fruit processing is an imperative.

It is the only other municipality with an airport link, where a light airplane services Basco-Itbayat and vice versa on demand basis.

Commerce and industry are picking up with the presence of electric power.

Mayor: Hon. Reuel C. Ibanes

Land Area: 92.9 sq. kms.

No. of Barangays: 5 (Sta. Maria, Sta. Lucia, Sta. Rosa, San Rafael, Raele)

Population: 2,988 (2010 census)

Population Density: 32/

Classification: 5th Class Municipality




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