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Casa Real – The site where the Provincial Capitol building now stands.  The original structure was built between the 16th century to 18th century.

Naidi Hills – An old sitio derived from the Ivatans words "Na" which means past and "Idi" which means settlement or community.  Located here are the American-era wireless telegraph facilities which were bombed by Japan during the World War II.  One can also get a breathtaking view of the town atop the hilltop 66-feet lighthouse.

Dipnaysuhuan Japanese Tunnel – Located in the hills of Tukon, this five-door tunnel, complete with a series of chambers, a bunker that serves as a lookout spot, and a water reservoir, was constructed during the Japanese occupation as a defensive position.

Spanish Lighthouse – Situated just a few steps away from San Carlos Borromeo Church, it is composed of two vertical structures about 30 meters apart which were manually lighted with fire for local fishermen during the Spanish colonial period.

Spanish Bridge – Located in the heart of the town, this was constructed during the Spanish period and still being used tom date.

House of Dakay – probably the most photographed Ivatan house, it was built of lime and stone in 1887 and owned by Luis Estrella who bequeathed it to her favorite nephew, Jose “Dakay” Estrella. A survivor of the destructive earthquake of September 13, 1918 which has destroyed much of the town, its shutters and floor have never been changed and has retained much of its authentic look through the decades.

Song-song Ruins – Remnants of an old settlement which were ravaged by tsunami in the 1950s.  Residents were given homesteads in Mindanao under the Magsaysay settlement program.  Today, it is a thriving coastal community again.

National Museum – The repository of the rich ethnology, history and cultural heritage of Batanes and its people. It is used to be an old Long-Range aid to navigation (LORAN) site constructed by the Americans.

Idjang – This is an ancient Ivatan settlements which served as fortresses against invaders.  The idjang found in Savidug is considered to be the most beautiful and perfectly shaped among the Batanes indjangs.

Imnajbu Village – Site where the first Catholic mass and baptism was celebrated in Batanes during the Spanish period.  The barrio chapel was named after San Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Fililpino saint.


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