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1.     Rich natural resources

Nature bestowed a different kind of wealth to the province of Batanes.  Its people, the Ivatans, are wise to recognized their land’s beauty and guard it fiercely from unmanaged modernization.  In fact, the exceptional beauty of Batanes – its rich ecological resources and biodiversity is intertwined with the Ivatan’s cultural values and heritage.

The people of Batanes are preserving their past in order to survive the present day challenges.  They are trying to find the perfect balance between upholding ecological and cultural richness and the changes that modernization brings, including economic growth.

In 2003, the Philippine Congress declared the whole province as a protected area under the National Integrated Protected Area System (NIPAS).  As such, there are restrictions to certain economic activities which directly impact the natural resources, especially the non-renewable ones.  This is one of the reasons why much of the land remains unspoiled and underdeveloped, which, in turn, as a boon to the eco-cultural tourism industry.  Batanes is developing and promoting as a major economic goal.  In addition to the congressional proclamation, the province is also nominated to the United Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List, under the category of cultural landscape.


2.     Business friendly environment 

Under the Batanes Eco-Cultural Tourism Industry (BECTI) development strategy, the Provincial Government is encouraging sustainable economic activities through the improvement of financial and quasi-financial services and institutions to help and ease business transactions.  It also supports the development of Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and other livelihood initiatives connected to the tourism industry.

In addition, the BECTI has provisions for pursuing community-friendly financing strategies.  Local private sector groups and communities will be organized and endorsed in support of tourism-related business ventures.  According to the BECTI plan, “Financing schemes for micro, small, and medium enterprises supportive of tourism and accessible to marginalized groups will be provided.”  And, with the regular influx of tourists, that started in 2006, more and more enterprises will have income opportunities in trading and services.


3.     Productive human resources

Among the provinces of Region 2, Batanes holds a record high employment rate of 97 percent.  Almost half of this number is part of the agriculture sector and the rest is employed by the government and other industries.  In terms of educational attainment, the province proudly claims a higher than average literacy rate compared to other provinces in the region.  It also has an adequate pupil-classroom and pupil-teacher ratio in public elementary and secondary levels.


4.     Developing infrastructure

Potable water systems are in place in all municipalities.  The National Power Corporation supplies the electricity to the province, which is distributed by the Batanes Electric Cooperative (BATANELCO).


5.     Favorable peace and order situation

In the past years, Batanes has maintained a good peace and order situation.  There are no major reported crimes.


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