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1. Processing of applications for   Provincial Governor’s permit






1. Request and fill out application form in the  Provincial Treasurer's Office (PTO) and pay Corresponding  fees

Client/PTO Provincial Treasurer’s Office

10 mins

Application form filled out & signed by PTO Official Receipt

2. Submit duly accomplished Application form with the  PTO’s signature and notations to the Provincial Governor's Office (PGO) Secretariat section for Preparation of  the permit and approval  of the Governor

Provincial Governor’s Office

Rhodina B. Aguto

Liz C. Pama

15 mins


3. Recording and release of the  Provincial Governor's Permit

PGO records

10 mins.


2. Certificate of Authority to practice Profession





PGB /NGA Employees





1. Submit request letter to practice profession addressed to the Provincial Governor through the Department/Agency  Head




2. Preparation of Endorsement for  issuance of Certificate of authority

Department head/ Regional Director concerned and/or personnel

30 mins.

Client's request letter

3. Forward endorsement to PGO records for receiving and recording.

PGO-Records - Mrs. Allen Hortiz

10 mins.

Client's request letter with Department Head's  endorsement

4. Forward to PGO-Sec. for preparation of Certificate of Authority and Governor’s approval.


Rhodina B. Aguto/

Liz C. Pama

15 mins


5. Releasing of Certificate of Authority to practice Profession.

PGO-Records - Mrs. Allen Hortiz

5 mins.


3. Issuance of Certificate of appearance




PGO/PGB  Visitors




1.Address PGO Secretariat re: Request for Certificate of Appearance


5 mins.


2. Preparation of Certificate of Appearance.

PGO Secretariat

Rhodina B. Aguto/

Liz C. Pama

5 mins.


3. Approval of certificate by the Governor

Provincial Governor

5 mins.


4. Release of C.A

PGO Records - Mrs. Allen Hortiz

5 mins.


4. Application for Lighthouse Rental





Restaurant  owners/ Tourist wedding organizers/Locals / Tourist handlers


1. Fill out form (tourism office)


3 mins.

For weddings: ground Layout design

2. Confirmation of date for availability, preparation of permit to Use.

PTO Designate and personnel

15 mins.


3. approval of certificate by the Governor

Provincial Governor - Vicente S. Gato

10 mins. (upon availability of Gov.)


4. Releases of permit to use.

PTO Designate personnel

5 mins.


5. Conduct of tourism - Related Trainings





Tourist drivers/ Tour guides/ Tourism frontlines




1. fill out application form (Tourism Office)


10 mins.


2. Screening Process

PTO Designate/DOT- Department of Tourism

5 mins.


3. Training Proper

PTO Designate/DOT

24 mins.


4. Release of certificates of training

PTO Designate/DOT


After 5 working days

5. Release of IDs

Tourism Optns. Assistant

Ms. Hegel Valones

3 mins.


6. Processing Incoming  Communications addressed to the Governor





Messengers, Locals, etc.






1. Deliver communication to the PGO-Records Section for receiving and recording.

Client/PGO - Records personnel

5 mins.


2. Forward communication to PGO Secretariat Section  for classification of document for appropriate action.  (Routine responses are automatically prepared for the Governor’s approval).

PGO Secretariat

5 mins.


3. Forward communication to the Governor for information, advice, notation, approval, or appropriate action.

Governor Vicente S. Gato

15 mins.


4. Return to PGO secretariat for  re-routing of documents  to concerned  department/agency/personnel, and or  preparation of appropriate respond to the communication.

Rhodina Aguto

Liz C. Pama

Mr. Arnold B. Fadri

10-15 mins.


5. Forward to PGO-Records section for recording filing, routing, release of document.

Allen Hortiz

Aileen Gabas

Vivian Ventura

10 mins.


7. Public Announcements


1. Forward the announcements to the Radio Station at the BTSDC building or visit the said Radio Station.

Mr. Richard Cantero/ Scheduled Announcer

2 mins.



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