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1. Processing/ issuance of building permit













1. LGU’s without Municipal Engineer



1. Secure application for building permit.




 Mr. Joseph Viola




10 mins.

1. Application for building     permit duly signed by clients      and Engineers/ Architect with dry seal.


2. NGA operating in the province


2. Clients fill-out properly the application form


 Applicant Engineer's/ Architect



2-3 days

2. Five sets of blue print copies      of the detail plans and specifications, General construction specification of the proposed construction duly signed by licensed Engineer/Architect with dry seal.


3. General public including walk-in clients







3. Submit application for building permit together with the 5 sets of blue print copies of the detail plans and specification of the    proposed construction.



Mr. Joseph Viola



10 mins.



3. Tax declaration or TCT of the lot for proposed construction.


4. Review application for building permit

Mr. Joseph Viola


4. Zoning clearance


5. Review detail plans and specifications of the proposed    construction to determine compliance to standards.

Engr. Carlos A. Falces

15 mins.

 5. Official receipt of payment of fees


6. Payment of required fees at the PTO.

Applicant Revenue collection Officer (PTO)

40 hours

6. Height clearance from ATO.


7. Approval and issuance of building permit.

Engr. Carlos A. Falces

30 mins

7. Bill of materials


Mr. Joseph Viola

1 hour



2. Process/ Issuance of certificate of occupancy








1. LGUs without Municipal  Engineer

1. Applicant to request either by verbal request or written request in the office.


Mr. Joseph Viola

3 mins.

1. Certificate of completion signed by the project engineer and duly notarized


2. NGA operating in the province

2. Applicant advice to submit the requirements to support issuance of certificate of occupancy.


Mr. Joseph Viola

3 mins.

2. Daily construction log book

3. As built plan and specification


3. General public including walk-in clients



3. Building code official representative to conduct inspection prior issuance of    certificate of occupancy

Engr. Carlos A. Falces

Authorized Representative


2 hours



4. Certificate of final inspection duly signed by the building official


4. Preparation and issuance of  certificate of occupancy

Engr. Carlos A. Falces  Mr. Joseph Viola

30 mins.



3. Provision of  Engineering services to the LGUs without Municipal Engineers Conduct/ preparation

a.   Site survey

b.  Soil investigation

c.  Engineering/ Architectural Design plans

d.  POW and bill  of materials


1. LGUs without Municipal Engineer

1. Concern office to directly request from this office or through the Provincial Governor either through verbal request, letter or resolution requesting this office for specific engineering services

Provincial Engineer/

Asst. Provincial Engineering and Planning staff

30 days from receipt of request

Verbal request or written letter or resolution from concern Office/LGU detailing thereafter specific engineering services desired, location and other desired information


2. NGA    operating in    the province


  2. Prov’l Gov./Prov’l Engineer to direct Planning Staff to conduct site survey   Soil investigation & preparation of  detail engineering & architectural Plans & specifications including POW & bill of materials





3. Planning staff to conduct surveys, preparation of detail plans, specifications & POW for review& approval of the Prov’l. Engineer   or LCE of concern LGU





4. Equipment rentals
















1. LGU's

1. Concern   office/individual/ organization and personally apply for equipment rentals in the office using a preforma application specifying there at kind of equipment requested, duration of use and specific dates and time when equipment is needed and  kind of work(IEUR and rental bill)


Engr. Rodolfo de Borja/ Processing Clerk






30 mins.




1. Accomplished individual   equipment utilization report         and rental bill (IEUR)


2. NGA's


3. Private individuals


4. Associations

2. Computed dues base on IEUR


3. Photocopy of official receipt as evidence of payment of the rental fee


5. NGO's

4. Trip ticket


6. Contractors, etc.







2. PEO and staff to compute the dues based on the IEUR and rental bill. The applicant to pay the rental fees to the PTO

Engr. Rodolfo de Borja

Revenue Collection Officer (PTO)/



15 mins.





3. The applicant to submit to this office photo copy of O.R. for the payment of rental fees to be attached to the IEUR for approval by the governor.


Engr. Rodolfo de Borja/

Provincial Engineer/

Prov’l. Governor

30 mins.



4. Issuances of trip ticket and IEUR


Engr. De Borja/Driver/Operator and Prov’l. Engineer



1. Approved IEUR and Photocopy of O.R



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