Provincial Veterinary Office

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1. Animal treatment and consultation.


All animal  raisers


1. Accomplish or fill-out required form

Dr. Alberto Tabile/ Dr. Aurea V. Perez

10 mins.

Verbal Request


2. Assessment of fees


30 mins. -1 hr.



2. Deworming, Vitamin Supplementation, Vaccination, Castration, Surgical Operation


All livestock, poultry and pet owners


1. Accomplish or fill-out required form.

Dr. Alberto Tabile/ Diosdado Hernandez/

Romeo Binalon/ Bonifacio Galano/ Roldan Cabizon

10 mins

Verbal Request


2. Veterinarian/ Livestock technicians attend to or provide requested services

Alfredo Barsana Jr./

Ricardo Alcantara/

1 – 3 working days



3. Artificial Insemination on Swine






Swine Breeders






1. Call or text AI Hotline 0998-9830-598 or accomplish form

Roldan Cabizon

10 mins.

Verbal Request


2.  Al Technician attends request of client.

Roldan Cabizon

Bonifacio Galan

Alfredo Barsana

10-30 mins.



3. Pay P500 service fee. Clients who are financially constrained are given 1 month grace period

Edwin Odesa/ Cashier



Official receipt from PTO showing payment of fees for services rendered


4. Present your official receipt.

Marlene Alcoy

5-10 mins.


5.  If failed to conceive, observe for recurrence of heat after 18-24 days and report immediately to the person in-charge for the second insemination

Roldan Cabizon

Bonifacio Galano

Alfredo Barsana, Jr.

10-20 mins.



4. Artificial Insemination in Cattle/ Carabao



Large Animal Raisers



1. Accomplish or fill-out required form

Bonifacio Galano Romeo Binalon Alfredo Barsana, Jr.

10 mins.

 1. Verbal request

2. Heifer (1.5-2 yrs. old at least 250 kgs. weight)

3. Cow (Calved once up to 5 times or more)

4. Availability of working chute in the vicinity


2. Livestock technician attends request of client

Bonifacio Galano

30 mins. -


Romeo Binalon

2 hours




3. If failed to conceive for the first     insemination, observe the animal for possible recurrence of heat after 19-21 days and report immediately to the person-in-charge for the second insemination.

Alfredo Barsana Jr.

30 mins.



5. Certification for Slaughter of  Female Large Animal



Meat handlers and/ or Private


1. Conduct inspection and pregnancy diagnosis to animal


Dr. Alberto Tabile

Dr. Aurea V. Perez


1 - 4 hours



1. Certificate of large animal ownership


2. Physical inspection of the   animal (Pregnancy diagnosis)



2. Present your official receipt to Marlene A. Alcoy

Romeo Binalon

3. Secretary's Fee P20.00


6. Dispersal  Program for Cattle, Carabao and Swine



All qualified and Interested farmers to income class preferably belonging C, D & E.


1.  Accomplish application form.

Constante Vinalay/

10-20 mins.

1. For cattle & carabao dispersa   - Recipient must have at least 1,000 m2 improved pasture


2. Come back for the release of evaluation and confirmation


Mario C. Tabuso Jr.


5 working days


2. For swine dispersal - recipient must have an equity in the form of land, housing and shall provide the feed and medicine requirement of the animal.


3. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)


7. Provision of Soft Loan for Swine, Goat and Poultry Production





All qualified and interested farmers preferably belonging to income class C, D, & E


1. Accomplish application form.

Dr. Aurea Perez

20 mins.

1. Recipient must have an   existing project as equity


2. Come back for the release of evaluation, credit investigation and confirmation






10 mins.


2. Good standing credit records.


3. Project Proposal.


5 working days

4. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)


8.  Quarantine  Services on imported livestock, poultry pets and their by-products


1. Livestock and poultry handlers

1. Secure the necessary requirements before importation





30 mins


1. Livestock


- Import clearance from the Provincial Veterinary Office, Batanes and Bureau of         Animal Industry

- Veterinary Health Certificate/Shipping Permit

- Vaccination/Health record

2. Poultry

- Shipping Permit

3. Pets

- Veterinary Health Certificate

- Vaccination Record

- Shipping Permit

4. Poultry Meat Products

- Meat Inspection

- Certificate from NMIC

- Shipping Permit

5. Processed Meat Products

- Processed Meat inspection   Inspection Certificate from NMIC

6. Poultry Eggs

- Shipping Permit from the point of origin


2. Meat and Egg Handlers

2. Deputized Veterinary Quarantine Officers will inspect incoming cargoes/ Baggage to ascertain compliance to Executive Order No. 14, Series of 2011 as amended

1 hour



 3. Concern Individuals

3. Prohibited cargoes/baggage interrupted per EO 14 shall be returned to the point of origin or disposed-off by burning or burying



9. Issuance of  Shipping Permit for Domestic Animals









Animal Owners, Livestock Traders









1. Submit required documents for evaluation.

Dr. Alberto Tabile Dr. Aurea Perez Romeo Binalon

30 mins.

For Large Animals

 - Certificate of large animal ownership


2. Pay P20 Sec. Fees in the PTO
















10 mins.

- Shipping permit from the  municipality/ origin

- Police Clearance certificate from municipality/origin


10 mins.




- Pregnancy Inspection for female large animals

- Police clearance from the Provincial Police Office   (Cattle Anti-Rustling Law)


 For Domestic Animals (dog, cat, chicken etc.)   - Actual inspection/ diagnosis of  the animal vaccination/ health records if available


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