Sabtang: Seat of Heroism

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Sabtang municipality is an island some five or more kilometers from the seaport of Ivana which can be reached only by motorized bancas or by falowa (locally-made sea boats rowed by men).

It is host to the only National School of Fisheries in Centro, the Sabtang National School of Fisheries (SNSF), to the second largest handicraft makers of the province in Chavayan, the Chavayan Handicrafts Makers Cooperative (CHMC), and to the most number of fishermen whose catch are either brought for sale to the capital town of Ivana.

Its municipal waters is the richest source of quality fish, and fishers from as far as north of Basco go fishing around the place.

But history's most notable account are its heroic men, whose bravery excels over all the other Ivatans.  The Isabtangs, who were exiled from their town 50 years when they revolted over the Spaniards, were also the courageous people whose guerilla tactics overthrew the Japanese force in the islands during the World War II.

Mayor: Hon. Maxilindo Emilio A. Babalo

Land Area: 40.7 sq. kms.

No. of Barangays: 6 (Sinakan, Malakdang, Nakanmuan, Sumnanga, Savidug, & Chavayan)

Population: 1,637 (2010 census)

Population Density: 40/

Classification: 6th Class Municipality




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