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Maddulo kamu” literally means “please come in” in the Ybanag language. It is spoken when Tuguegaraoenos welcome visitors to their home. The phrase, however, goes beyond its literal meaning when spoken. More than an invitation to enter a house, it is an offer, a gift, of whatever a humble home can give.

To our prospective investors we say “Maddulo kamu!Welcome to Tuguegarao City!. Please come in to our city and immerse yourself to the people and the community so that you may realize that the one thing missing in your business portfolio is an investment in Tuguegarao.

Our city has been built with necessities to ensure the sustenance of commerce. Our Internal Revenue Allotment is limited owing to the size of our city. To compensate, there is a need for us to foster a sound business and commerce in order to increase the needed revenue for the delivery of our basic services. We, sought to achieve this by creating balance between the government’s need for revenue and the private enterprise’s equally important need to thrive with their business endeavors. Afterall, we know that the private sector’s success ultimately redounds to the benefit of the public sector. More business establishments mean more employment opportunities for our people. It also means healthier competition resulting to better goods and services for our consumers. At the end of the day, it is the public that benefits.

We owe our city’s success to the people and to its government. Our administration’s primary concern is to nurture our relationship with the private sector by introducing innovative economic measures. Among these is the recently promulgated Investment Code that includes tax incentives and tax holidays to new investors. These measures are geared towards a mutually-beneficial relationship between the private sector and the government which will ultimately lead to the benefit of the people that our administration serves. Welcome to Tuguegarao City! We invite you to start your business in our city. Our government looks forward to working with you. Just like an Ybanag welcoming his visitor to his home, we invite you to come in and partake of what our government has laid out for you. We are here to safeguard your investments and help your business prosper.

Maddulo Kamu! Mabbalo!


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