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Maddulo kamu” literally means “please come in” in the Ybanag language. It is spoken when Tuguegaraoenos welcome visitors to their home. The phrase, however, goes beyond its literal meaning when spoken. More than an invitation to enter a house, it is an offer, a gift, of whatever a humble home can give.

To our prospective investors we say “Maddulo kamu!” Welcome to Tuguegarao City!. Please come in to our city and immerse yourself to the people and the community so that you may realize that the one thing missing in your business portfolio is an investment in Tuguegarao.

Maddulo Kamu! Mabbalo!

Religious Heritage

Spirituality is an evident heritage adapted in the lives of the Ibanags. While the state and the church are two separate entities, both has a great influence in shaping the total spiritual environment of the city. Both has imbued a sense of respect and successfully worked hand in hand in promoting divinity among its people.

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