Human Capital


Isabela’s most treasured resource is its people, the Isabeliños. The provincial population has reached more than 1.5 million as of 2011.The province’s reputation as the country’s agricultural backbone may be attributed to the trade mark survivor spirit and resilience of Isabeliños. They are trailblazers in climate change management, having organized the first ever Climate Change Summit at local government level. The initiative is borne out of their firm resolve to protect their land from challenges posed by its geographic location.


Isabeliños are proud of their rich and colourful heritage, placing great importance on faith and education. Their history is influenced by 300 years of Spanish colonization and 50 years of American occupation, producing a culture that is both traditional and westernized. More than 85% of Isabeliños are Christians, with the Roman Catholic Church playing a significant role in their cultural and social lives.


As workers, Isabeliños value education and their usage of English as the primary medium of instruction has resulted in a globally competitive Isabela workforce equipped with competent technical skills and language proficiency. They are also accommodating of other cultures, possessing innately caring and service oriented characteristics that are ideals for professional careers and job opportunities across industries.


Isabela has among the highest literacy rates in the world at 95.98% of the population.


As business partners, Isabeliños strive to establish and maintain good personal relations with their business contacts. They are trusting and friendly, predisposed to please their guests, and place a premium on cordial and professional business relationships.


Educational institutions abound in Isabel, with a public school system established by American regime in the early 20th century. Since 1918, Isabela State University has evolved from an agricultural school in the town of Echague with only 10 teachers, to an institution of higher learning today with 11 campuses offering a dozens of undergraduate and graduate degree courses.