Ganano Falls

It is located at Baguio Village, Diffun is a towering 80-meter-high falls with a stone formation likened to a chair. Enjoy swimming while communing with nature in the surrounding forests and fish sanctuary creeks. Trek and pass through rivers and streams to reach the falls.

The falls is about 20 kilometers from the provincial road, traveling 45 minutes by car and another one hour trek to reach the falls.


Aglipay Caves & Campsite

About 37-chamber cave system ideal for spelunking, with 8 chambers developed for caving for enthusiasts of different levels of ability. Also features modern comforts for seminars, field trips, youth activities or environmental camping.


Pensal Falls

A three-tier waterfalls with a nice sloping rock formation in the middle. Ideal for cliff jumping for extreme sports enthusiasts or simply picnicking and swimming for family get-aways.


Governor Rapids

Famous for its gigantic limestone formations which served as shelter for Dumagats and adventurers. Tributary of mighty Cagayan River which has been awarded as one of the cleanest inland bodies of water in the region. Best for boating, swimming, sightseeing and caving.

Also located within Governor’s Rapids area hides inside a cave a very beautiful waterfall called the Bisangal Waterfalls.  This exquisite wonder offers a catch basin for bathing with clear and refreshing waters.


Siitan Natures Park

Part of the mighty Cagayan River where before there was an abundance of fish, thus the name “Siitan”, derived from the Ilocano word “Siit” which means fishbone. Now a venue for the SIITAN RIVER CRUISE at Nagtipunan, Quirino where one can experience non-stop jaw-dropping wonders of nature which starts at Bimmapor (ship like rock formation) its environs and stone flakes to the 2-kilometre stretch of amazing rock formations while enjoying Siitan River Cruise on-board native kayaks.  Enjoy crystal clear waters while listening to the songs of wild birds on its forested river banks…experience communing with nature at its best!


Maddela Eco-tourism Park

Is a seven-staged waterfalls. Take a short trek to reach the falls and have an excellent nature retreat and relaxation. Its crystal pools are favorite swimming and picnic area for tourists.


Dionuan Falls

It is located at Brgy. Disimungal, Nagtipunan, Quirino. Among the many waterfalls in Nagtipunan, this is the nearest and easiest to reach. Its peak can be viewed when passing the national highway. Water flows and rock formation are tourist-friendly as it provides easy walk and safe picnic platforms. This destination is within the circuit of Nagtipunan Tourist spots. It is also an advantage that this waterfall is located along the highway leading to the neighboring Dinadiawan Beach.


Approximately one hour and 20 minutes drive by car from the Provincial Capitol.


Ma. Angela falls

It is located at Jose Ancheta, Maddela is approximately 15 meters high waterfalls with exquisitely beautiful rock  slide with a catch basin very inviting for a dip. The place is ideal for swimming, family picnics, photo-ops and simply communing with nature.

To get there, travel approximately 40 minutes from the Provincial Capitol, then walk for another 5 minutes to reach the falls.


Diamond Cave

Meeting the locals as one passes through creeks and hills in a 30 minutes trek from the main road brings the right amount of excitement for spelunking at the enchanting Gibien Cave at Landingan, Nagtipunan, Quirino.  This limestone cave holds uncountable dripping stalactites and glowing stalagmites along with the colony of bats that reside in the area.  Get wet as you go swimming in its 6 feet depth subterranean river.  Find out more about this cave, local cave guides are yet to reach the end of this natural tunnel.

To get there, travel one hour from Provincial Capitol to SitioGibien, and walk 30 minutes to reach the cave entrance.