In order to ensure that the growth and development targets of the province are met, efforts are geared towards the strengthening of agro-based and wood-based industries without sacrificing Quirino’s protected forest areas. The Provincial Government has identified three (3) major priority investment areas.


The first major investment goal is to make the province a logistic hub through the enhancement and upgrade of the distribution system of agro-livestock products. The national agro-livestock distribution hub will provide the one-stop service for a systematic “gathering-storage-processing-packing-distribution” process, on the basis of a large amount of related products from surrounding areas. The hub will consist of storage facilities for raw materials and products, agro-livestock processing, and a distribution business center (which will include areas for packing, design, and marketing).


Another priority investment is the High Valued Primary Industry Research and Development Complex. This R&D center will function as a network for various researchers from industries, universities, and government in the field of High Value Crop Production. The complex will include: a research center of Agro-Livestock Technology, a demo farm for research of locally applicable Agro-Livestock Technology, a by-product fertilizer research center, and a housing facility for technical personnel.


The third priority investment area is the Wood and Furniture Industry Complex, which will include integrated processing storage, manufacturing and distribution facilities. It will promote furniture manufacturing as the region’s specialized industry production field and business system. 


A.      Agriculture/Food/Agri-Business/Fishery-based Industry

  • ·         Fruits and Vegetable Production/Processing/Trading
  • ·         Food Production/Processing/Trading
  • ·         Grain Processing
  • ·         Juice and Wine Production
  • ·         Corn Flour/Starch Production
  • ·         Tobacco Production/Processing/Trading
  • ·         Legumes Production/Processing/Trading
  • ·         Livestock/Poultry Production and Processing

-          Poultry & Livestock Raising

-          Hog Raising

  • ·         Fishery-related Industry

-          Freshwater Fish Production/Processing /Trading

-          Tilapia Production and Processing

-          Tilanggit Processing


B.      Forest-Based Gifts, Handicrafts and Decors

  • ·         Tree Plantation
  • ·         Seeds and Seedlings Production
  • ·         Lumber Production/Trading
  • ·         Furniture making (wood and rattan products)
  • ·         Plywood/Fiberboard/Wood Tiles Production/Trading
  • ·         Charcoal Briquette Production/Trading
  • ·         Medicinal Herbs and Essential oil Production
  • ·         Gifts and Houseware Decors

-          Fossilized Flower-Making/Processing/Trading

-          Cogon knitting/Processing/Trading

-          Loom Weaving

-          Native Breads Production/Trading

-          Cigar and Jewel Boxes Manufacturing/Trading


C.      Tourism

  • ·         Recreation Amenities (Hotels, resorts, sports facilities)
  • ·         Travel/Tour Agency
  • ·         Pasalubong Centers/Souvenir Shop
  • ·         Sports & Amusement Center


D.      Infrastructure and Utilities

  • ·         Feed Mill
  • ·         Corn and Cassava Mill
  • ·         Mini Dam/Mini-Hydropower Plant
  • ·         Cold Storage
  • ·         Potable Water System
  • ·         Telecommunications
  • ·         Kiln Drying

E.       Minerals

  • ·         Sand and Gravel Quarrying
  • ·         Gold, Copper, Lime and other minerals (extraction and processing)
  • ·         Coal