The One Town One Product (OTOP) is a priority program of the government to promote entrepreneurship and job creation.  OTOP Philippines supports micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to manufacture, offer and market distinctive products or services through the use of indigenous raw materials and local skills and talents.


Small gifts, holiday decors and houseware items are developed for export.  These are manufactured from indigenous forest-based raw materials, such as rattan, vines and grasses. Most notable are the handmade paper, baskets and backpacks.  Quirino’s fossilized flowers are best sellers in trade fairs, both local and national.  Regular orders come from big department stores in Metro Manila and other regions.  They have already made their way to the United States, Canada, Dubai and Italy.  These products highly contribute to the province’s domestic sales, total employment and investment generation. 


Due to its relatively high forest cover, Quirino has a sustainable supply of wood and other raw materials not only to large-scale furniture-making but also for gifts, toys and houseware production.  Quirino’s wood furniture is distinguishable for its exceptional artistic designs its market has expanded from local to national and across the globe. 


The province’s generally flat to rolling and undulating terrain makes it very suitable for high value crop production like peanuts, bananas, ginger and coffee, aside from rice and corn.

Another major crop is banana.  The province is the leading producer of bananas in Region 02 and supplies most markets in Metro Manila and Central Luzon.  Investors are processing inputs from its agricultural sector’s peanuts, bananas and ginger.

Ecological, Cultural Tourism

Ecotourism is another major industry that Quirino province is earnestly promoting with the province’s several natural endowments such as caves and mountain resorts that await further development, Among them are the series of subterranean caves in the Aglipay Caves & Campsite, the Upper Cagayan River Basin Picnic groove and the Siitan Nature’s Park, the Nagbukel Cave in Diffun, the Governor’s Rapids in Maddela and the Cabarroguis Hot Spring.