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In 2004, there were only 6 registered locators in CEZA but this steadily grew to 142 in 2014. The employments generated by CEZA locators also increase to 12,659 in 2014 from just 267 in 2004 (Figure 3). Furthermore, approved capital investment has grown to P13.9 billion from P90 million pesos. Tourism arrivals in the Cagayan Freeport also had a significant increase (Figure 4). In 2007, there were only about 4,000 visitors per year but this grew to 129,398 in 2014 (Figure 5). This has equivalent tourist receipts of  297 million.


Physical/Political Boundaries: Bounded on the north and east by Pacific Ocean, on the west by the Babuyan Island and on the south by the municipality of Gonzaga.

Political Districts/Barangay: 16 Barangays

Number of Establishments:

Protective Services: 17 PNP Personnel supplemented by a Philippine Army battalion, 41 Philippine Navy and Coast Guard Personnel.


Commerce and Industry (Agricultural and Limited Aquatic/Aquaticulture):
Palay: Total production is 6,000 MT.
Corn: Total production is 1,758 MT Vegetables and legumnes: total production is 438 MT.
Rootcrops: Total production is 110 MT.
Fruits: Total production is 43,761.75 MT.

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Bureau of ImmigrationBoard of InvestmentsBureau of CustomsDepartment of Environment and Natural ResourcesDepartment of Labor and EmploymentDepartment of TourismDepartment of Trade and IndustryNational Economic and Development Authority

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