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As a tourism destination, Cagayan has a variety of areas with outstanding scenic beauty ranging from beaches, picturesque mountains, bird sanctuaries, game refuges, limestone caves, fluvial attractions, museums, historical landmarks and centuries-old churches.callaocave

Cagayan's major tourism destinations are the Callao Caves in Peñablanca town and the Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat in the municipality of Piat.

basilicaminoreThe Callao Caves (declared under Republic Act 7357 as a National Park) is a 7-chambered cave with massive limestone formations running through a great length of the Pinacanauan River. One of its chambers features a stone altar illuminated by natural skylight, producing an eerie catacomb-like atmosphere. Also a treat is the spectacle of red-billed kalaw birds and daily charge of bats at dusk when millions pour out of the Bat's Cave.

The Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat houses the more than 365 year-old miraculuous image of Our Lady of Piat. The image which comes from Macao was originally enshrined in Lallo but the Dominicans brought it later to Piat to win the Itawes region to Christianity. Its feastday is every July 2nd of the year.

Other tourist spots and interesting sights in Cagayan are the following:

Sierra Cave (Peñablanca)- 20 meters away from the famous Callao Caves. Its biggest challenge is through crawling a very low and narrow opening called Celica's passage. The cave's attractions include calcite formations which look like a popcorn or a cauliflower when magnified by a macro lens. Flowstones, columns, stalactites and stalagmites also exist.

Camalaniugan Bell (Camalaniugan)- one of the oldest bell in the Philippines, forged in the year 1595, it was brought to Manila in February 1987 as one of the attractions during the 33rd International Eucharistic Congress.

St. Peter's Cathedral (Tuguegarao)- The seat of the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao, the biggest Spanish built church in the province.

Calvary Hills (Iguig)- This duplicate of the Fourteen Stations of the Cross set up amidst Spanish era ruins. It is situated atop an 11 hectare rolling terrain overlooking the Cagayan River. The images are more than lifesize concrete monuments standing on a hillside.

Provincial Capitol (Tuguegarao)- Seat of the provincial government of Cagayan. The complex offers a scenic view of the rolling hills, the Cagayan River, San Jacinto Seminary, Sierra Madre Mountains and Enrile Anticline.

Cagayan Museum and Historical Research Center (Tuguegarao)- An extensive collection of fossils, artifacts, antiques, artworks, enthnographic and liturgical works of the province are housed in the museum.

Magapit Suspension Bridge (Lallo)- This is the first suspension bridge in Asia linking the first and second districts of Cagayan leading to the Ilocos region.

Sta. Praxedes: Gateway to Ilocos Region (Sta. Praxedes)- The town going to the Ilocos region thru the Patapat bridge. The smallest town with only 11,000 hectares but has tourist spots with great promise. The Portabaga Falls and a long stretch of beach.

Angler's Mecca (San Vicente, Sta Ana)- Known as the sailfish country of the Philippines. The site of the annual and international sports fishing competition hosted by the Philippine Game Fishing Foundation (PGFF)

Palaui Island: Paradise of the North (Sta Ana)- A paradise for the water sports and mountaineering activities. This untouched paradise has an approximate area of 3,850 hectares with a shoreline of 20.6 kilometers. Abundant in marine resources and home of different monkeys, wild pigs, deer, sea turtles and various endemic and migratory birds.

Claveriais also blessed with a wealth of scenic attractions which include the following: the Lakay-Lakay Lagoon, the rocky formation along the Camalaggaon Caves, the Roadside Park overlooking the Claveria Bay, Macatel Falls with its crystal waters that run in abundance throughout the year, the Pata Lighthouse that offers a breathtaking experience, and the Claveria Beach Resort along the serene white sand coasts.

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