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Physical Characteristics



Occupies the northeastern portion of Luzon.


Bounded on the north by Babuyan Channel and Batanes; on the east by the Pacific Ocean; on the south by the Province of Isabela; and on the west by the Cordillera Mountain and Provinces of Kalinga and Apayao.


The province is a vast expanse of valleys and plains has large rivers


  • Cagayan River
  • Pinacanauan River
  • Wangag River
  • Abulug River
  • Pared River
  • Chico River
  • Dummun River
  • Covers a land area of 900,270 hectares.


  • 384,788 hectares of Alienable and Disposable Land ( A&D)
  • 515,482 hectares Forest Land (of the total forest land – 11,291 is grassland)
  • About 30 percent or 253,831 hectares are flat to nearly level.

Has wide expanse of mangroves (with a total area of 6,108.16 hectares).

Has 15,785 hectares of wetlands.

Has extensive coastline of about 500 kilometers.

Out of its 29 component local government units, 12 are coastal municipalities.


Has islands with pristine beaches and forest covers.


  • Palaui Island
  • Fuga Island
  • Dalupiri Island
  • Camiguin Island
  • Calayan Island
  • Babuyan Group of Islands
  • Has nationally proclaimed protected areas.


  • Palaui Island Landscape and Seascape Protected Area
  • Wangag Watershed Reserve Protected Area
  • Baua Watershed Reserve Protected Area
  • Magapit Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary Protected Area
  • Peñablanca Landscape Protected

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