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Development Advanteges



It is a Gateway to New Markets: You will find many unique advantages in Cagayan as a business base, primarily due to its location and resources.


Presence of the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) and Proximity to very progressive East Asian Countries: Cagayan is situated along international shipping routes, therefore gaining a geographical advantage as a major transshipment point for Philippine traders to access prime overseas markets such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China. The Presence of CEZA which operates the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport (CSEZFP) is an add-on for it operates as a separate customs territory similar to Hong Kong, Singapore, Labuan in Malaysia and Hamburg in Germany.


Accessible through Land, Sea and Air


Rich in Natural Resources: Cagayan is endowed with rich natural resources for agricultural and industrial development, as follows: (a) Wide expanse of lands for agricultural and industrial development;(b) Productive forestlands and vast underutilized grasslands for livestock production and other purposes; (c) Abundant inland water and marine resources; (d) Existence of rich and ample mineral resources and abundant indigenous energy resources; (e) Cagayan owns one of the longest shoreline and largest fishing grounds in the Philippines; (f) It is one of the few places in the Philippines with remaining virgin forests; and also one of the largest secondary growth and residual forest covers; (g) Availability of freshwaters through the Cagayan River


Replete with Nature’s Endowments: It is endowed with breathtaking sceneries and beaches, cavernous caves, thunderous falls, rapids, rivers, limestone mountains, thick virgin forests, verdant valleys among others. Also, it is listed as a mega-biodiversity corridor by international conservation entities due to the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges which is the habitat of tens of thousands of flora and fauna species and also its rich marine and freshwater biodiversity. It is also the home of the mighty Monkey-Eating Eagle, the Philippine’s national bird. Also, it is home to the Calayan Rail, a newly discovered bird species. These natural endowments are suited for eco-tourism development.


Convergence Point for Commerce, Education, and Services in Northern Philippines with most of the regional line agencies, colleges/universities, and large business entities located in its capital city.


Low Crime Rate and Excellent Peace and Order


Rich Cultural Heritage


Adequate Infrastructure Support: Cagayan has well-developed communication, power, water, transportation and health facilities and services. It also has ample facilities for recreation like world class amenities and inexpensive but excellent food.


Presence of Adequate Financing and Banking Institutions


Low-cost but skilled and pliable manpower


Peace-loving, warm, gentle and amiable people

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