Priority Investment Areas


Doing business in Isabela provides investors with more than just profit gains. The province offers unique and exceptional treasures not found anywhere else – diverse natural resources, breath-taking sceneries, vibrant culture, adequate infrastructure network, and most importantly, warn and committed people.

Isabela occupies a strategic location between Cagayan Economic Zone and the national capital region of the country, Metro Manila. The province has productive forestlands and watershed areas and is known as the “Hybrid Cord and Rice Champion Producers of the Philippines.”

As the home of Magat Dam, the largest dam in Southeast Asia, Isabela is a major source of power and water supply for Northern Luzon and part of Metro Manila. It is also rich in mineral resources while having a lengthy range of coastlines totaling 147 kilometers from Maconacon to Dinapigue that are abundant in aquatic resources.

Foreign and local investors are invited to invest directly in greenfield projects and operating businesses by establishing new companies, subsidiaries or joint ventures in the following Priority Investment Areas of Isabela: 


Agri/Aqua-Based Industries

  • Hybrid Rice Production and Processing
  • Hybrid Corn Production and Processing
  • Corn Oil Production
  • Fruits and Vegetables Production and Processing
  • Livestock and Poultry Production and Processing
  • Dairy Production and Processing
  • Mango Processing and Export Trading
  • Sugarcane Production and Processing
  • Feeds Production
  • Banana Production and Processing
  • Seeweed Production and Processing
  • Sweet Sorghum Production and Processing
  • Tilapia and Prawn Production and Processing

Forest-Based Industries

  • Bamboo Industry Development
  • Rattan Industry Development
  • Woodworking/Furniture-Making

Tourism Development

  • Eco-Cultural and Historical Tourism
  • Tourism Accommodation and Facilities
  • Tour Operators and Travel Agencies
  • Health and Wellness Tourism
  • Religious Tourism
  • “Experiental” Tourism

Infrastructure Facilities

  • Development of Cauayan Agro-Industrial Center and Special Economic Zone
  • Airport Improvement
  • Mini Hydro Power Generation
  • Sugarcane Plantation for Biodiesel
  • Sweet Sorghum Production for Ethanol
  • Biomass Plant Development
  • Ilaguen Hydro Power Plant
  • Bio-Ethanol Plant Development
  • Rehabilitation of Ilagan-Divilacan Road
  • Construction of Pasa Small River Impounding Project
  • Road Construction linking Coastal Towns to Mainland

Gifts, Toys and Housewares

  • Basketry
  • Pottery
  • Ceramics
  • Novelty Items
  • Holiday Décor

Support and Allied Services/Knowledge-Based Industries

  • Information & Communication Technology / Business Process Outsourcing
  • Medical, Educational and Crisis Intervention Facilities