Techno-demonstrations on corn production were conducted in 7 sites in the City. These demonstrations of Farmer-Led Extentionists (FLE) served as learning sites for new technologies in corn that can be adopted by farmers. Some of the technologies being promoted were the use of biological control agents, application of organic fertilizers, use of different corn varieties, comparable planting methods such as manual and jabber and the implementation of Farmer Field School which aimed to equip corn farmers with the proper and updated corn technologies.

A total of 1304 bags of conventional and glyphosate-tolerant hybrid corn seeds were also distributed throughout the City during the weekly People's Day activity.


In collaboration with the DA-Southern Cagayan Research Center, a total of 150 bags of certified rice seeds were distributed to rice farmers in the Eastern Barangays as well as 250 bags during the People's Day in various barangays in the City.


 Conducted Field Days on Rice, Corn and Vegetable Production