Tuguegarao City is a major urban center and the focal designation of trade and commerce in Northern Luzoin. Its strategic location is the key to its growing economy, being a gateway to the Cordillera Region, Ilocos Region and other cities and municipalities in North Luzon.

On December 18, 1999, Tuguegarao became a Component City pursuing its economic thrust from an agricultural industry to secondary/tertiary economic activities. The shift encouraged the flourishing of bustling commercial centers, more paved highways and streets, multi-storey infrastructures, advanced technology facilities, services and amenities and other trapping of a highly urbanized metropolis.

Tuguegarao City has been built with necessities of ensure the sustenance of commerce. Its Internal Revenue Allotment is limited owing to the size of the city. Fostering a sound business and commerce to increase revenue to deliver basic services to the citizens of the city and giving back to investors thru incentives.