known as the HOTTEST City in the entire Philippines, Tuguegarao beams its hottest smiles and hottest cordialities to potential investors as it grows to be the hottest business hub in the North.

Hailed as the capital of the Cagayan Province, Tuguegarao is a major URBAN center and the focal destination of trade and commerce in Northeastern Luzon. Nestled in a total area of 144.8 square kilometres, Tuguegarao can be found in the south central tip of Cagayan Valley. Its strategic location is key to its growing economy, being the gateway to the Cordilleras, Ilocos Region and other cities and municipalities in the North.

Tuguegarao became a component City on December 18, 1999. It is politically subdivided into 49 barangays, where 26 of which are urban. Its conversion to a city has somehow made its economy shift from an agriculturally-based industry to secondary/tertiary economic activities with its bustling commercial centers, paved highways and streets, multi-storey buildings, high-tech infrastructures, services and amenities and other trappings of a highly urbanized metropolis.

Tantamount to being the gateway to nearby towns of Isabela, Cordillera and the Ilocos Region, Tuguegarao City has also become Cagayan Valley’s Regional Center. Main Offices of almost all government agencies are based in the City, hence its convenience to major business transactions.

Tuguegarao over the years has also become the Region’s Center for excellence not only in commerce but also in education. It cradles major Colleges and Universities in the Region. Thus, it has become the destination of students from nearby towns and municipalities in their quest of earning excellent and competitive degrees. Through the years, these colleges and universities have produced topnotchers in Board Courses such as Nursing, Accountancy, Engineering, Criminology, Marine Transportation, etc. Students as far as Batanes, Nueva Vizcaya, Isabela, Cordillera and the Ilocos Region consider Tuguegarao as their second home as they pursue their dreams.

Aside from its strategic location and its convenience to almost major points in the Region, Tuguegarao holds a rich human resource. Anchoring on the excellent education provided by the schools, colleges and universities in the area, there is a high percentage of learned, skilled and educated Tuguegaraoeños. A booming economy has something to do with efficient human resource, therefore Tuguegarao City become a haven of able, skilled and learned people.

The main attraction that makes Tuguegarao a favorite spot in all ventures is its PEOPLE. Hardworking, Polite, Friendly, Hospitable and above all, God-fearing are the traits innate in the Ybanags. Meanwhile, the influx of immigrants has not been a problem in the total and holistic perspective of its culture and its people. It has maintained its identity as a place of opportunities, a place where people can expand their professional capabilities, a place where horizons meet and a place where each of its people may call – HOME.

From its thundering 153,641 residents and counting, we bid everyone a hot and sizzling greeting to our beloved City! WELCOME to TUGUEGARAO!