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The City Government of Santiago recognizes the vital role of the private sector as a critical stakeholder and partner in economic development. By tapping private sector intiative and investment, the working people acquire the means with which to work, achieve higher levels of productivity and ultimately, attain higher levels of incomes enabling them to access the goods and services they need for the enhancement of their personal and family life.


In line with this, the City Government of Santiago endeavors to fulfill its complimentary role in ensuring the right business environment exists in order to encourage, protect and promote private sector participation. Accordingly, it performs this role at two levels:first, at the policy-level and second, at the physical level.


At the Policy level, it seeks to enact investor friendly laws, rules and regulations that extend incentives and rewards to investors and provide for penalties to those who would hamper the investment process. It also endeavours to promote and implement programs and projects that boost economic and business potentials such as reforming and streamlining the current systems for processing business permits and licenses as well as adopting innovative practices that attract more businesses and investments within its locality.


At the physical level, it seeks to provide and maintain the necessary infrastructure framework in order for businesses to thrive. This would include the construction and maintenance of roads, streets, sidewalks, drainage systems, bridges etc.


At present, the City of Santiago is home to 35 banks, 45 pawnshops, 20 cooperatives, 142 finance and insurance companies, 170 industrial establishments, multinational corporations, 5 telecommunication companies, 8 car companies, 4 malls, 3 regional TV networks, 6 radio stations, 78 schools, more than 10 subdivisions and 7 hospitals which guarantees that access to basic needs are readily available here. Furthermore, with the recent enactment of the "Investment Code of Santiago City" investors and businessmen are assured that their rights and interests are well-protected.


We invite you then, local and foreign friends in business, to come and invest in our beloved City of Santiago!

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