More than mountain peaks, breathtaking waterfalls and mystical caves, the Province of Nueva Vizcaya offers a unique cultural experience with our multi-ethnic and indigenous people. Read More...

Nueva Vizcaya

Naturally Vibrant


            Site development is one of the potential investments for tourism. Some of the famous sites in the province are:

                        Lower Magat Eco-Tourism Park- It covers a total land area of 1, 120 hectares in the municipality of Diadi and lies in the forest lands of Lower Magat Forest Reserve. This project showcases forest prevention and eco-tourism development as an entrepreneurial endeavour.

                        Capisaan Cave System- Dubbed as the Geologists’ and Cavers’ Paradise because of its varying rare formations, it is one of the newest attraction in the province. This fifth longest cave system in the Philippines is located at the municipality of Kasibu.

                        Villaverde Trail

                        Ambaguio Trail to Mt. Pulag- The “Little Baguio” of Nueva Vizcaya is where the third highest peak in the country can be found. Mount Pulag, 2, 922 meters above sea level is one of the favourite mountaineering destinations in Northern Luzon.


            Nueva Vizcaya is one of the leading producers in agriculture sector. It has wide varieties of agricultural products and rich natural resources that can be more explored in terms of production, processing and marketing.

High value crops, Mandarin, Pineapple, Mushroom, Coffee, Soy beans, Cutflowers, Fresh, fruits and vegetables, Livestock, Aquaculture, Tiger Grass

Processed Products

Current Monthly Production Capacity (depending on market demand)


100 boxes durian candy @30pcs/box

3000 canisters tamarind balls @190gm

150 kgs dried mango

200 canisters roasted peanuts @180gm

1000 kls banana chips

150 packs banana chips

150 packs chichacorn

15000 boxes buko pie

2500 boxes buko tart @6pcs



9000 packs veggie canton @90gm

30000 cups veggie instant cup noodles @40gm

9000 packs veggie noodles @90gm



16000 cups cold taho

6000 jars brewed soy @200gm

4000 packs brewed soy @200gm

4800 boxes 3n1 instant brewed soy cup @15.5gm

8000 bot soy milk @330ml

45000 bottles buko juice @350ml & 500ml



83 bot citrus wine @700ml

100 bot bignay wine @750ml

100 bot mango macopa wine @750ml

41 bot bignay wine @700ml

41 bot yacon wine @700ml

200 bot rice wine @320 ml

500 bot passion fruit wine @375ml

500 bot satzuma wine @375ml

500 bot red chandler wine @375ml



200 bot rice vinegar @320ml

400 bot pineapple vinegar @750ml

500 bot chili powder @200gms

200 bot soy sauce



1000 lts mango puree

20000 packs mango juice

41 boxes guava jelly @12 bot/box

41 boxes dagwey jelly @12 bot/box

200 jars pineapple marmalade @250ml

200 jars pineapple jam @250ml