More than mountain peaks, breathtaking waterfalls and mystical caves, the Province of Nueva Vizcaya offers a unique cultural experience with our multi-ethnic and indigenous people. Read More...

Nueva Vizcaya

Naturally Vibrant


            Nueva Vizcaya has a high literate population which accounted to 320, 008 (97.10%) out of 329, 563. The total gainful workers is 153, 646 (36.46%) out of the total population of 421, 355.

Business Location

Nueva Vizcaya is strategically located for investment. It lies within the heart of Northern Luzon and is known to be the gateway to Cagayan Valley. From the Capital Town of Bayombong, we are just 296 kms away from Manila, 289 kms away from Subic, and 130 kms away from Baguio City. It has four (4) regular entry points, aside from reaching it by air travel. These are through (a) the Dalton Pass at the town of Santa Fe; (b) the Daang Maharlika entering the town of Diadi; (c) the Vizcaya-Banaue Road entering the town of Bagabag; and (d) the Vizcaya-Benguet Road also known as the Ambuklao Road, entering the town of Kayapa.

Abundant Natural Resources

            The province as surrounded by majestic mountain ranges is rich in vibrant farm and forest lands. It is one of the major producers of high value crops and vegetables. Magat River and tributaries Matuno, Marang, Sta. Fe, and Sta. Fe are major sources of fresh water for agriculture and fishery.

Low Cost of Doing Business

            Doing business in Nueva Vizcaya has a very low cost. From the significantly low wage rate to the cost of utilities- business activities are relatively low compared to other provinces and major cities.

Unlimited Business Opportunities

Nueva Vizcaya as composed of diverse culture stands for a common trait-frugality. Novo Vizcayanos value hard work and always ready for the hard times. With this culture, it attracts viable investments.

Developing Infrastructure


            The province continuously improves its support facilities to keep on track with global development. The province has 71.20 kms concrete provincial roads and 1,816.24 l.m permanent bridges. 93.82% of its barangays is energized through the Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative. Telecommunications have high presence which provide telephone and internet services.