Isabela's early origin date back to the Stone Age over 25,000 years ago when a pygmy race called the Agtas were the first indigenous people to inhabit the Philippines. They were the ancestors of the Dumagats, who still roam the mountainous forestland of Eastern Isabela and the shorelines of Coastal Isabela. For many centuries, the ancient Agtas subsisted as hunters, gatherers, and fisherfolk.

Isabela, the second largest among the Philippines' 80 provinces, is located on the northeastern seaboard of the island of Luzon—the biggest among the 7,107 islands comprising the Philippine archipelago.

  • Among the best agro-industrial investment destinations in the Philippines
  • Biggest province on Luzon Island, and second largest in the country
  • Self-sustaining agro-industrial economy
  • No.1 in corn production nationwide
  • Highest rice sufficiency among 80 Philippine provinces
  • Strategic access point for international trade due to its proximity to developed Asian economies such as Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan
  • Excellent service standards from a vast pool of homegrown talents and highly adaptable human capital
  • Committed and supportive provincial and municipal government units

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