Industrial Harmony


       1. Harmonization of the employer-employee relationship for assured continuously company existence


       2. Both employers and employee’s rights are protected


       3. City government shall assist the employer in hiring qualified employees.

Non-Fiscal Incentives


        1. Assistance in securing local permits and licenses with the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO),                 City Engineering Office, City Planning and Zoning Office, health offices and the BFP.


        2. Assistance in identifying business location and factory sites.


        3. Assistance from the City Government’s Public Employment Service (PESO) in hiring of employees.


        4. Facilitating service connections with local utilities. f.    Skills development support to labor force

Fiscal Incentives

      A. For investments in industrial, manufacturing and other priority economic activities registered under this Code                 (City Ordinance No. 018-213, s.2013) investors shall be entitled to fiscal incentives under the following incentive             schedule

     B. Fiscal Incentives for Expansion Projects - Expansion projects of original enterprise shall likewise be eligible                     for another incentive reckoned on the new investment capital infused by the original under the following                         incentive schedule

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