Land Area:approximately 441.3 square kilometers representing 4.90% of the total area of Cagayan.
Physical/Political Boundaries: Bounded on the north and east by Pacific Ocean, on the west by the Babuyan Island and on the south by the municipality of Gonzaga.


Political Districts/Barangay:16 Barangays


Population:18,640 (as of 1995 census) projected at 19,000+ to date


Population Growth Rate:annual population growth rate of around 3.7%


Population Density:0.53 as of 1995


Health Facilities:6 government-owned health centers and 3 private clinics


Schools (as of 1993):10 public primary schools, 7 elementary schools, 2 secondary schools and a private tertiary school.


Number of Establishments:
Manufacturing: 71 (as 0f 1993)
Whoselsale and Retail Trade: 5
Community Social and Related Service: 4
Protective Services: 17 PNP Personnel supplemented by a Philippine Army battalion, 41 Philippine Navy and Coast Guard Personnel.


Commerce and Industry (Agricultural and Limited Aquatic/Aquaticulture):

Palay: Total production is 6,000 MT.
Corn: Total production is 1,758 MT Vegetables and legumnes: total production is 438 MT.
Rootcrops: Total production is 110 MT.
Fruits: Total production is 43,761.75 MT.



ISP:PLDT, Smart, Globe, FCCDCI 


Power Distribution: CAGELCO II