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  1. Aquaculture and Aquacapture
  2. Commercial Fishpond Development (Brackish and Freshwater)
  3. Farming of High Value Species
  4. Crab Production
  5. Prawn Production
  6. Marine Fish Culture
  7. Farming of High Value Specie
  8. Fish Processing and Canning
  9. Deep Sea Fishing
  10. High Value Crops Production and Processing
  11. Cereal Production and Processing
  12. High Value Vegetable Production
  13. Cassava Production and Processing
  14. Legumes Production
  15. Production of Condiments
  16. Livestock and Poultry Production and Processing
  17. Dairy Production and Processing
  18. Feeds Manufacturing
  19. Organic Fertilizer Production
  20. Seeds and Seedling Production
  21. Medicinal Herbs and Essential Oils Production
  22. Industrial and Orchards Tree Plantations
  23. Citrus Fruits Production and Processing
  24. Mango Production and Processing
  25. Cacao Production and Processing
  26. Narra Plantation
  27. Jatropha Plantation
  28. Mahogany Plantation
  29. Rubber Tree Plantation
  30. Tourism Facilities and Services
  31. Development of Beach Resorts in Sta. Ana, Gonzaga, Calayan and other coastal towns
  32. Establishment of tourist facilities in municipalities with caves, falls and lakes
  33. Mining
  34. Agricultural Lime Production
  35. Manganese
  36. Gold and Copper Mining
  37. Iron Mining
  38. City Extraction

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