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You will find many unique and competitive advantages in Cagayan as a

1.It is proximate to progressive East Asian Economies

Located in the northern tip of the country, Cagayan is proximate to Asian tiger econo­mies like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. It is only about 870 kilometers south of Taipei, 910 kilometers south east of Hong Kong; and 2,730 kilometers south west of Tokyo.



2. Wide expanse of lands for agricultural and industrial development

Almost 48% of the total (429,217 hectares) land areaof the province are fertile, flat and gently sloping lands suitable for the production of corn, rice, vegetables, mango, cassava, banana, pineapple, cacao, coffee, tubers and other high value crops.


3.Vast forestlands and grasslands for livestock production and orchard production

Approximately 321,088 hectares, representing 58.70% of the total area of the forestland, are used as production resources. The mountain ranges, the Sierra Madre and Cordillera, have thick forest coversand large biodiversity areas which are rich source of differentspecies of timber, rattan, and orchids and wild animals.

While the grasslands cover an area of 112,000 hectares. These land resources make the province as one of the country’s major live­stock producers. Also, orchard production is highly suitable in these lands.


4. Huge mineral reserves

Deposits of both metallic and non-metal- lic mineral resources such as gold, copper, iron, magnetite sand, manganese, perlite, limestone, sulphur, gypsum, guano, silica, phosphate deposits, ceramic clay, and pebbles are largely spread in the province. Also, coal reserves are enormous and have quality good for power generation. These resources are waiting for extraction.

5. Abundant inland waters and extensive marine fishing grounds

Cagayan is blessed with large rivers, lakes and mangroves. It has in the northern coastland, extensive brackish waters which are devoted to also has coastlines, stretching from the northwestern to the eastern coast, with a total length of 450 kilometers.

In brackish and inland waters, farmers are raising, bangus, tilapia, tiger prawn,and crusta­ceans. The deep seas are teeming with many kinds of marine resources, like high value spe­cies of tuna, tuna-like fishes, snappers, mullets, groupers shrimps, squids, and lobsters.

6. Replete with natures endownments and attractions

Cagayan has ecosystems replete with endownments, and these make the province unique and frontier of tourism. It is blessed with breathtaking sceneries, beaches, cavernous caves, falls, rapids, rivers, limestone mountains, verdant valleys and among others.



Significant part of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges are recognized as a mega-biodiversity zone by international conservation entities, and a home of the mighty Monkey-Eating Eagle, the Philippine’s national bird.

The Palaui Island in the northeastern part of the province has untouch forest covers and wide expanse of mangroves and coral reefs. It serves as refuge of migratory birds. The beaches and waters surrounding Palaui Island offer a haven for fishing and scuba enthusiasts. In fact, it is a pe­rennial site of national and international game fishing competitions.

Another ecosystem is the island of Camiguin, a few kilometers from Palaui. It provides a pictur­esque landscapes and seascapes. According to the Worl Wide Fund (WWF), the vicinity waters of Camiguin is the migratory path and feeding ground of humpback whales and 11 other species of whales and

7. Adequate infrastructure support

Cagayan has well-developed com­munication, power, water, transporta­tion and health facilities. World class tourism facilities like hotels and re­sorts as well as medical amenities are available and fairly accessible.

Located in the capital city, the air­port, with morethan two kilometers runway, can accommodate a large aircraft. Also, it has seaports that can serve RoRo and container vessel.


Irrigation Systems

Irrigation facilities which draw-out waters from rivers and lakes largely serve prime agricul­ture areas.

9. Presence of financing institution, universities and government agencies

Businesses have convenient acces to fund repository, credit and financing facilities. There are 175 banks, classified as universal, commercial, thrift, rural and cooperative operating in Tuguegarao City and in commercially progressing municipalities.

Its capital - Tuguegarao City, which is also the Regional Center of the Cagayan Valley Region, is a host to National Government Line Agencies, 3 Universities, and several private- colleges.

10. Availability of skilled manpower and affordable wage rate

The province’s manpower resources are more than adequate to meet the requirements for industrial and agricultural based business. Aside from being well known for their competencies, they are also English proficient.

The minimum wage rate is 300.00 for the industry sector

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  • Linked to its neighboring provinces up to Metro Manila by the Maharlika National Road (Philippine-Japanese Friendship Highway)
  1. National Roads – 72.64 kilometers
  2. Provincial Roads – 421.23 kilometers


  • Tuguegarao Domestic Airport

Tuguegarao Domestic Airport with a runway of 2.1 kms. and 30 meters wide; 2.5 kms. of Tuguegarao City proper; can accommodate 737 Boeing aircraft


  • Lallo International Airport


  • Major Ports – Classified as National Port of Entry

Port Irene and Port San Vicente in Sta. Ana and Port of Aparri


  • Irrigation Systems
  1. National Irrigation System (NIS) – 12
  2. Communal Irrigation System (CIS) & Government Assisted IS -1,521


  • Power Distribution and Transmission Facilities

2 units with combined capacity of 90MVA for TransCo; 4 units with combined capacity of 45MVA for CAGELCO I; 4 units for a combined capacity of 35MVA for CAGELCO II; and 1 unit 5 MVA for CEZA


  • Cellular Mobile Communication Services
  1. Globe (available in all municipalities)
  2. SMART (available in all municipalities)



  • Landline Telecommunications Service being provided by Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT)


  • Television Networks, Cable TV and Radio Stations
  1. GMA TV relay stations
  2. ABS-CBN relay stations
  3. Cable TV stations – 27
  4. FM Radio – 8
  5. AM Radio – 5


Education and Health Facilities


  • Schools
  1. Colleges – 16
  2. Private Universities – 3
  3. Saint Paul University
  4. University of Saint Louis of Tuguegarao
  5. University of Cagayan Valley
  6. State University – 8 campuses (Cagayan State University)
  7. Technical Vocational – 22
  8. Public Secondary – 111
  9. Private Secondary – 46


  • Health Facilities

District hospitals – 12

Private Hospitals – 12

Medical center – Cagayan Valley Medical Center (CVMC)

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  • Registered Business Establishments
  1. Total No. of Business establishments by Asset Size

Asset Size Classification

2011 to 2015

Micro (Less than 3M)


Small (More than 3M to 15M)


Medium (More than 15M to 100M)


Large (More than 100M)





  1. Total No. of Business Establishments by Type of Activity

Type of Activity

2011 to 2015












  • Banking and Financing Institutions (2016)

Classification of Banks


Universal and Commercial Banks


Thrift Banks


Rural and Cooperative Banks


  • Cost of Doing Business

Wage Rate

Industry Sector

Minimum Wage Rate





Retail  Service

     Employment more than 10  


     Employment less than 10


      RTWPB 2016

  • Power Rate

Customer Type

Rate per Kwhr







       CAGELCO 2017

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Cagayan is part of the largest valley in the Philippines formed by the majestic Sierra Madre and Cordillera mountain ranges – that is the Cagayan Valley. It is traversed by the mighty 330-km long Cagayan River and its various tributaries.

Cagayan is a very ancient civilization. It has its distinct, rich and diverse culture. Commerce and trade was practiced by its inhabitants and has flourished with the Japanese, Chinese and other neighbor Asian countries even before the Spanish colonizers reached its shores.  Archeological findings dating back to the Paleolithic Age indicate that the ancestors of modern humans had settled in Cagayan as early as 500,000 years ago. Archeologists also found evidences that agriculture has developed much earlier in Cagayan than in any other place in Asia. Its ancientness is evidenced by the presence of centuries-old churches and other religious relics, archeological sites of nomadic tribes, and richness of its local language and culture.

Cagayan with its ancientness is still replete with adventure and excitement. It can flaunt its pristine natural beauty and endowment. It has breathtaking sceneries, beaches, cavernous caves, thunderous falls, rapids, rivers, limestone mountains, thick and virgin forests, verdant valleys and many more.

Also, it is a land of many opportunities having one of the largest fertile alluvial plains, grazing lands and fishing grounds (both marine and inland waters) in the Philippines and a continuous and sustainable supply of production materials.

Multi-lingual, warm, gentle and amiable people await you in this remaining patch of tropical paradise in Northern Philippines.

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